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African Open University

A Leading Open University for Unique methodologies…

"AOU is founded by highly qualified experienced group of professionals who has vast experience in Process Excellence, FMCG, Commodities and Farming Divisions with over 30 years experience working across the globe. They are actively involved in operational / process excellence methodologies such as Lean, Six Sigma, TPM, Supply Chain management, Strategic Management, Operations research etc for more than 15 years.

Having understood that training & certification in these continuous improvement methodologies are reaching only to a small set of employees of the industries which are opting for these methodologies; Indian Institute Of Enterprise Management Ltd. launched these internationally proven methodologies to one and all at a optimized cost.

IIEM offering these methodologies as Certification courses through “Open, Distance learning” for working professional spread across the world helping them to understand these methodologies and enhancing their skill set.

For those who wish to pursue these unique methodologies as “Bachelor’s / Master’s / PhD courses” so that they can pursue further studies using the certification, IIEM now launched an Open University in Zambia named “Institute of Management Studies” offering these unique methodologies as Undergraduate & Graduate courses (approved and recognized)

African Open University

Learn while you Earn, at your pace and place.

Our Vision

The vision of the institute is service to the “people, industries,& the society” by providing solutions, services in training and mentoring in Continuous Improvement Methodologies.

African Open university focusing on globally proven Unique / Continuous Improvement / Process Excellence / Operational Excellence / Business Excellence / Optimization methodologies to promote “Quality & Productivity”.

Our Mission

To become strategic Open University by providing Bachelors, Masters, PhD courses for students, working professionals, helping them to learn while they are earning, learning at their pace and place, thus by helping individuals to improve upon “Quality & Productivity” benefiting not only individuals but also organizations and society.

Why African Open University

African Open University is an Open University offering Unique methodologies as Undergraduate / Graduate Courses. The eLearning is by Reading, Listening, Visuals with occasional support from back-end faculties through mails.

The advantage of eLearning is allowing individuals to learn while they earn, learn at their pace and place, while the faculty is ready to help when they are struck guiding them through electronic methods.

African Open University is registered with Higher Education Authority, Zambia. The registration number is HEA/059. The open university is a registered and recognized open university.

  • Courseware is usually housed Online or sent through the emails, and learners can access or download it from an online learning platform
  • Learners can read alternately can also listen the training materials (through listening apps).
  • Learners are free to learn at their own pace, place and to define personal learning paths based on their individual needs and interests.
  • E-learning content is developed according to a set of learning objectives and is delivered as text and/or graphics.
  • Shall provide as much learning support as possible (through explanations, examples, interactivity, feedback, glossaries, etc.), in order to make learners self-sufficient. However, a good kind of support, such as e-mail-based technical support or e-tutoring, is normally offered to learners.