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Diploma Program


The DIPLOMA IN ACCOUNTS AND FINANCE (DAF 62) Degree Completion program offers a challenging variety of courses intended to give students a well-rounded background in all aspects of operating a business. The program helps students develop critical-thinking, problem-solving, leadership, and other skills that will serve them on the job today as well as become a foundation for lifelong learning. These online business courses will help equip students to adapt to the constantly changing business world, including the globalization of the economy. They will give students credentials that can serve as a launching pad for a variety of business operation and leadership positions, as well as an advanced degree in business.

Aims of the Programme

This programme is designed to deliver high quality education in theoretical and practical knowledge and skills in various aspects of management for those who wish to join in a management position or further advance their careers in business skills.

Objectives of the programme
  1. The program trained in various concepts and tools in practical settings will be able to improve on the business process of the organization.
  2. The program trained to the current as well as future business market

Program Learning Outcome

The key learning outcome of this program:

At the end of the program, students shall be able:

  1. To understand about Accounts in Zambia
  2. To understand about Finance in Zambia

Year Semester Course Code Course Name
1 Semester I FAC101 Financial Accounting I
MAC101 Management Accounting
FAC102 Financial Accounting II
CAC201 Cost Accounting
TXA601 Taxation
Semester II FMT602 Financial Management
DMT603 Decision Making Techniques
FPR604 Financial Reporting
AAS605 Audit and Assurance
PSA606 Public Sector Accounting
ORM607 Operational and Enterprise Risk Management

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