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Diploma Program


The diploma In Process Excellence (DPE-64) offers a challenging variety of courses and helps students to understand the tools operate for minimizing resource waste and also provide knowledge on minimum variation in operations.

Aims of the Programme

The programme designed to provide the knowledge on the methods of Six Sigma and Lean process for the effective business.

Objectives of the programme
  1. The programme trained in concepts and tools for business development.
  2. Knowledge on Tools for identifying variation
  3. Knowledge on tools for controlling waste in operation.

Program Learning Outcome

The key learning outcome of this program:

At the end of the program, students shall be able:

  1. To understand about six sigma tools
  2. To understand about lean process

Year Semester Course Code Course Name
1 Semester I SSP301 Six Sigma Phase I
SSP302 Six Sigma Phase II
SSP303 Six Sigma Phase III
LNP301 Lean Phase I
Semester II LNP302 Lean Phase II
LNP302 Lean Phase III
LNP302 Lean Phase IV
LNP302 Lean Phase V

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