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1. Why should I study at AO University?

Unique courses design which develop critical-thinking, problem-solving, leadership, and other skills that will serve them on the job today as well as become a foundation for lifelong learning.

2. What Programmes do you offer at AO University?

University offers BBA, MBA, DBA and PhD specializations in Process Excellence, Supply Chain Management and Strategic Management.

3. How many intakes do you have?

AO University is an Open and Distance e- Learning University and admissions will be round the year.

4. What are the entry requirements for a Bachelor's degree programme?

Five (5) "O" level credits or better which must include English Language and Mathematics or Three (3) " A" Level.

5. What are the entry requirements for a DBA or PhD degree programme?

Applicants must be holders of Master's degree or any other related programs from a recognized University. Practitioner Experience: Applicants must have management experience of at least two years pre - or - post Masters.

6. Are there any exemptions for Masters Degree programmes?

We do offer based on the learning outcomes of previous degree and level of degree.

7. Can I apply online?

you can apply online

8. Do you offer exemptions for those who have Diplomas?

Yes, we do

9. Do you have a payment plan for tuition fees?

Payment to be done semester wise

10. How long is a semester?

6 months

11. How to pay the semester wise fee?

Through Bank through wire transfer in the mentioned account.

12. Is your University well recognized?

The University is recognized by Higher Education Authority, Zambia.

13. How are lessons delivered to students?

Through online

14. Do we have to pay exam fees?


15. How is the academic assessment structured for students?

The academic assessment for distance students is as follows: One Assignment [40%] Final Exam [60%]

16. How do I contact my lecturers?

Through email and discussion forum

17. How do I send my assignments after completion?

Email a soft copy to the lecturer as well as posting through online.

18. How do I get the reading material from the library?

Through Online with the guidance of Program coordinator